Reactions by Media Type

“According to my dependence on these media, I made the following list: mobile phone > computer > Internet > TV > newspapers > music > movies > MP3 > electronic game.” — China

The Wired World: To judge by the responses to this study, the world IS getting flatter – and mobile phones are the technology that literally everyone, in every country in this study, owns. In the demographic survey that was conducted alongside the Unplugged study, there is a remarkable similarity not only in students’ reported ownership of mobile phones, but of laptops and mp3 players (e.g. an iPod) as well.  (See the charts at the bottom of this page.) Striking too is the similarity in students’ reported use of media across the participating universities.

Click on the tabs above or the links below to explore the specific thoughts of students about their use of various media technologies and types of information:

See the demographic details in the charts below. 

(To see more on the demographics of the students who took part in this global study, click here.)

This chart shows the percent of students from each country who reported that they own a smartphone, a laptop and/or an mp3 player (e.g. an iPod). 100 percent of students in all countries reported they owned a mobile phone of some kind.

This chart shows the average number of hours per day that students from each country reported that they spent on the Internet, responding to email, with social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, chat), and playing with online games.

This chart shows how the average age of students from each country when they first received a cell phone or smartphone, and when they first began using a computer and the Internet.

Note that Argentina and Uganda are not graphed in the three charts above; the students from Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires and Makerere University in Kampala did not participate in the SurveyMonkey survey in sufficient numbers to accurately compare their responses.