Casa Central campus as seen from Santa Lucía Hill

Trnava: Students in the marketing and mass media program at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius participated in ‘the world Unplugged‘ experiment, led by Mgr. Denisa Kraľovičová, lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication and a faculty member of the 2010 Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change in Salzburg, Austria.

Students reported mixed reactions to their going without media experiment, noted Mgr. Kraľovičová. Some students said they had embraced the challenge of going a day without media while others not only had cringed at the thought, but flatly refused to fully participate in the project.  Those students who did choose to participate in the Unplugged study, Mgr. Denisa Kraľovičová said, discussed prior to their participation how they might successfully abstain from using media for a full day.  They chose which day to abstain based largely on which of their classes would require media use, such as computers and other audio-visual equipment.

University background: The University of St. Cyril and Methodius has a student population of about 6,600 students.  It is an urban university located in the city of Trnava in Western Slovakia.  It is commonplace for students to use the Internet and online resources to complete their coursework, and Internet access is available throughout the campus.

Students’ experience: The 75 students who participated in the project from October 18 through October 24, 2010 came from multiple classes.  All were majors in mass media and marketing. Some students chose to do the assignment over the weekend, believing their chance of success would be greater. Those students who participated in the experiment during the work week generally found it more difficult to abstain from media.